DJ CD Players

DJ CD Players have been referred to as DJ CD Decks & DJ CD Turntables in reflection to their ancestral predecessor, the DJ Turntable, in reality DJ CD Players are a generic phrase that refer to all DJ CD Players (on the tin) whereas DJ CD Turntables are completely different things.

Here's an explaination of the different types of DJ CD Players...

Twin DJ CD Players

It is widely believed that hifi manufacturer Denon created the first ever Twin DJ CD Player. Pictured right, it is called Denon DN-2000F. It had some amazing features including a kind of anti-skip mechanism and true instant start buttons. It is also believed that the Denon DN-2000F was the first ever dj cd player to implement the CUE button functionality.

Twin DJ CD Players are what they say on the tin. They are a 19" rack mountable twin cd players system that usually comprises of two parts. The top part is the control panel which controls the second part that is usually the drawers panels. The top part usually fits in either 2U or 3U rack panel space and the bottom part almost always fits in a 2U rack space.

The Twin DJ CD Player is idea for mobile DJs and nightclubs as it can be securely screwed into any standard rack mount case for portability and security.

DJ CD Turntable

Now this is a completely different story altogether. A dj cd turntable is generally a flatbed style cd player and has a platter (like a dj turntable). Before the turn of the 21st century this type of dj cd player was not very popular. However, that changed when the Pioneer CDJ-1000 was released!

Pioneer CDJ1000 DJ CD Turntable was a turning point in DJ CD Players. Prior to the Pioneer CDJ1000, the bid DJs used to laugh at the concept of mixing with CDs but after the release of Pioneer DJs flagship cd player, the big-named (famous) DJs were starting to take CD mixing seriously.

Digital DJ Systems

There has been some recent developments in digital DJ technology. Some DJs have gone from CD DJing to using MP3 files and laptop computers. Although at this time, most DJs have confirmed that based on the advancements in CD technology in DJ CD Players, the digital MP3 computer DJ experience has some way to come before it reaches the attention of the more influential DJs.