DJ Equipment

DJ Equipment (aka Disco Equipment) refers to any piece of equipment used by Disc Jockeys.

What is a Disc Jockey (DJ)?

A disc jockey is defined as a person who plays other musician's pre-recorded music to an audience. Disc Jockey would have once been spelt "Disk Jockey" which referred to historic phonograph (vinyl) records, however since the introduction of the compact disc, the spelling of the name 'Disc Jockey' now refers to a 'Compact Disc'.

Disco Equipment

In the 1970s a collective of vinyl dj turntables, amplifiers and speakers were referred to as Disco Equipment. This was due to a genre of music at the time known as disco. Since the introduction of multi-coloured (sometimes flashing) lighting in the late 1960s to early 1970s most equipment used by DJs has been referred to as Disco Equipment.

DJ Equipment

With the demise of the disco genre in the late 1970s, the late 1980s brought a new dawn of DJs who started to learn the art of beat matching, often refrered to as turntablism. Since the word Disco was no longer a "cool" word to use, many Disc Jockeys started referring to their equipment as DJ Equipment.

Types of DJ Equipment

There are many types of DJ Equipment products. The list below is summary of the main types of equipment used by DJs.

  • DJ Turntables
    A dj turntable is a record player that has pitch control and a removable phono cartridge.
  • DJ CD Players
    A dj cd player can be either a twin cd player or a dj cd turntable.
  • DJ Mixers
    A dj mixer is a device that allows two or more sources of music to be blended together.
  • DJ Speakers
    A dj speaker is similar to a hifi speaker, with the exception that it is generally much larger and handes more power.